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  • Category: Comics
  • Updated: Nov 9, 2022
  • Size: 161.1 MB
  • Requirements: Android 5.0 and up

The Description of WEBTOON

Developed by WEBTOON ENTERTAINMENT, WEBTOON is the largest webcomics community in the world, where allows all comic enthusiasts around the world to find all types of manga they are interested in, ranging from romance and action as well as comedy to suspense, and provides a platform for users who crave for a place to upload their original manga works and have the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of comic fans.

In other words, it’s just like a portable comic library installed on your phone. As long as you open it, you can find whatever you want to read at anytime or anywhere, instead of struggling to search around for heavy paper comic books.

In addition, without having to download another ebook reader, WEBTOON enables its users to read comics across all genres directly on their smart devices. Users can download their favorite manga in advance and watch them offline, so that they can enjoy the fun of diving into the world of comics anytime and anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

What’s more user-friendly is that WEBTOON makes customized recommendations based on your preferences for different types of comics, and the comics on it will be updated daily to ensure that you can read new works every day.

App Store Performance

On Google Play, WEBTOON has so far received a rating of 4.8 stars together with 2.88 million reviews. The app has been downloaded more than 100 million times. On App Store, WEBTOON receives a score of 4.8 stars out of 5. There are altogether 260.5K ratings. 


1. WEBTOON is available for offline use, which means that users can download their favorite manga for offline viewing and each manga can be stored offline for a maximum of 30 days.

2. WEBTOON supports its readers to comment on their opinions and feelings about their favorite comics and exchange ideas with other manga lovers as well as share their favorite comics on other social platforms.

3. Regardless of what kind of comics you prefer, you can easily find and read engaging ones on WEBTOON as it contains the most complete range of comics in the world.

Pros And Cons


1. There are endless types of comics to choose from, and unfinished comics are regularly updated on WEBTOON to guarantee that there is always something new waiting for you to discover every day.

2. As a platform where original comics can be freely published, WEBTOON is also a gathering place for numerous creators with green or mature comic ideas, giving all creative people the opportunity to come to light or even go viral.

3. WEBTOON’s simple interface enables its users to get started and become proficient in using it without the slightest effort as quickly as possible.



Since the launch of the daily pass feature, readers who like to binge read finished comics will not be able to open WEBTOON and read with abandon every day, instead, they have to wait for a certain time or use a pass or money.


In terms of the practical experience, WEBTOON is undoubtedly the best choice for reading comics with the largest variety and number of one-stop comics application on the market. WEBTOON has a wide array of comic types and a diverse selection to satisfy different types of readers. Nearly 10 serialized manga are regularly updated every day to satisfy readers who can’t wait to read them. What’s more, once the comic you subscribe to is updated, WEBTOON will take the initiative to send a notification which makes you the first reader to watch it. More importantly, WEBTOON also has a community feature where users are able to rate and comment on the comics they watch and share them with their friends through various social media platforms, giving them a sense of community.

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I like webtoon and the stories