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  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Updated: Oct 29, 2022
  • Size: 250.9 MB
  • Requirements: Android 8.0 and up
  • Developers: McDonalds USA, LLC

The Description of McDonald's

The McDonald’s app is provided by McDonald’s Apps and was first launched in 2018. The app allows users to enjoy various services and perks on the go. This app integrates the basic and core functions of its store services, as well as promotional contents and exclusive app-user perks.  Users can obtain this app for free on both App Store and Google Play although the app does contain ads and pop-ups. As for its functionalities, first, it includes the core services such as viewing menus, store finders, online orderings and delivery etc. with the app, users can easily check the McDonald’s menue and new products as well as the detailed food nutrients information. The app can also automatically locate user’s real-time location and suggest near-by restaurants accordingly. Besides, users currently in 59 countries in the world can obtain the app to enjoy their McDonald’s service on the go. Apart from those basic features, this app also offers some exclusive in-app perks for users. For example, there are exclusive app discounts on some of the star products and users can claim and redeem in-app promotional codes and coupons easily at the cashier with their mobile phones. Furthermore, users can have a premier overview of some new information and plan their next McDonald’s visit ahead of time. The app shows users the new openings or upcoming restaurants. It also gives previews on the monthly limited special gifts and toy for Happy Meals.  


App Store Performance

McDonald’s app receives mixed ratings on different app stores in different regions of the world. Overall, it is positively rated above the average food information apps. On App Store in some countries, it is rated as high as 4.7 out of 5 stars. While on Google Play, the rating ranges from 3.8 to 4+ of out 5, depending on the specific country. Over 100 million users in both app stores have downloaded the app and the ratings come from large number of votes as well.


1. The app often brings up perks like meal-saving burger coupons for you to use for free.

2. The registration and login speed is fast, and you can order food after filling in your personal information.

3. The app provides a secure payment environment so you can use it with confidence.

4. Customize your order and save your favorite foods to the app for easy reordering.

5. Improve the ordering experience in an all-round way, which let you enjoy delicious food more conveniently and faster.

Pros And Cons


1. Inclusive information and functionalities are integrated on the app for users to obtain their desired services on the go.

2. Exclusive and attractive in-app perks and unique discounts are available for users to get better deals and save more.


1. The app is not compatible on some devices.

2. The latest updates removed some useful features such as the display of points and barcodes.

3. The ads and banners can be disruptive when navigating around the users’ interface.


Generally Speaking, this app is very practical with handy functions and essential information customers would often need. Users can check menus and get the new products effortlessly thanks to the up-to-date updates of information on the app. They can also conveniently locate themselves while searching for McDonald’s restaurants near them. The auto-locating feature is pretty accurate and efficient in helping users to find a branch quickly and effortlessly. Another great feature is the display of nutrient information on each of the products provided. With this detailed information, users can better track the food and nutrients they take in and better manage their diets. Apart from those conventional functions, the most attractive feature of the app is of course the exclusive unique offers it provides only for app users.  Such offers are easy to obtain or redeem as long as customers have their mobile devices with them when they visit any of the McDonald’s restaurant. Some of those deals are great money savers and the app also encourages loyalty points which accumulate more perks for customers. Nonetheless, this app still needs some technical improvements since it is currently not available for all the countries where McDonald’s operates. Besides, the app is not compatible for quite some devices.

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giselle and abmham

2023-03-25 02:43:36
we love mcdons we are best freiz and we love you


2023-04-11 06:43:10
Your McDonald's is the best I would give it a good start I'll give it five stars because it's the best place ever even though sometimes you get our orders wrong i still look new diamonds because even they get our order wrong and they give me something I like still