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Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

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  • Category: Education
  • Updated: Nov 8, 2022
  • Size: 284.8 MB
  • Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
  • Developers: Duolingo

The Description of Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo, a language game app developed by Duolingo, Inc. for beginners, highly efficient, entertaining, highly sticky, and able to achieve phased goals.


As a language expression learning application, Duolingo carries out diversified word and sentence practice from four aspects like listening, reading, spelling, and meaning. There are mobile APPs and PC terminals, so it is very convenient to learn at any time. According to Duolingo, you can immediately learn English and Spanish. If you already have some basic English, you can also use English to learn other languages through Duolingo.


In addition, a potential advantage of this application is that it can create a suitable and intimate learning experience for different learners' language levels, and assist interactive communication through various learning methods such as zero-distance theme activities, interactive short stories and blogs.


On the whole, Duolingo adopts a gamified teaching mode. Compared with the traditional learning method, the learning process of Duolingo is more like playing a game, you need to constantly challenge levels to unlock various elements in the app. At the same time, the levels also provide a variety of learning methods, not only simply filling in the blanks, but also various interactive methods such as translating Chinese and English, and reorganizing sentences according to language.


App Store Performance

On Google App, Duolingo language lessons has so far received a rating of 4.6 stars together with 13.6M reviews. The app has been downloaded more than 100 million times. On App Store, Duolingo language lessons receives a score of 4.7 out of 5. There are altogether 1.6M ratings.


1. The learning efficiency is high, and the interface is very delicate.

2. Personalized Teaching.

3. With interesting game level design, more people can persevere in fun learning for a longer time.

4. No hidden consumption, the content is completely free.

5. Provide everyone with an equal opportunity to receive language education.

Pros And Cons


1. The interactive learning method and constant repetition make words and grammar easier to remember, more natural than hard memorization.

2. Learn words effectively and it is very good at encouraging to learn.

3. Fun to practice everyday.

4. Learning mode is fun and not boring.

5. Offers a wide range of lessons, with niche language lessons like Latin available.

6. It is attractive to punch in every day.



Progress may be slow. Good for beginners, advanced learners may need a larger and more comprehensive approach.


Combined with my own actual experience, this application is still very useful. I have been using it to learn French for more than three years, and I feel it is very useful, especially for the improvement of basic vocabulary and the training of basic grammar. It is especially suitable for using fragmented time to progress step by step. I have completed French 2 times, and now I am starting the 3rd time. It takes two or three months to read through each time, but the level of proficiency and the depth of understanding each time is improving, and it is getting more and more proficient and fast.

All in all, Duolingo is quite successful as a language learning software, but it is also very limited in my opinion. This application is not suitable for zero-based beginners, nor for advanced learners who already have a very good foundation, but more suitable for people who are interested in a language, have a knowledge of the language, and have a certain foundation and want to learn in depth.

Ratings and Reviews

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2023-03-27 00:48:26
i love it and it helps me with my classes

Adeline Lu

2023-03-27 05:35:43
I love Duolingo because I had always dreamed to learn Japanese, it helped me learn so fast, and now I can speak and write Japanese!

Lila T girl

2023-03-28 20:26:49
I like it but I mostly learning Spanish and also to me it's kind of harder for me to navigate


2023-05-31 04:38:47
its fun and it helps you learn.


2023-06-21 07:19:59
this realy good


2023-10-27 23:22:41
its a good learning app