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Subway Surfers

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  • Category: Arcade
  • Updated: Nov 7, 2022
  • Size: 251.9 MB
  • Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
  • Developers: SYBO Games

The Description of Subway Surfers

Subway surface is a 3D parkour game in which the player is a naughty child. In the game, the player sprays on the train and is chased by the police. This is a big background, players run wildly on such a dangerous and fun train, escaping from the police. This game has an American street style with very bright colors.


App Store Performance

On Google play, Subway Surfers receives a score of 4.4 stars out of 5. There are altogether 12,138 K ratings. The app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and got 4.6 stars by now.


First of all, in terms of gameplay, this game is also quite classic. The operation of the game is very similar to other 3D parkour games. For example, you can swipe up and down on the screen, or you can swipe left and right. Sliding up means jumping, sliding down means rolling, and swiping left and right can change the track. Of course, there are still many obstacles in the game, such as oncoming trains and baffles next to the tracks. If the player accidentally hits a train or other relatively large obstacle, he will die directly, which means that the player needs to restart the level, but if the player just hits a smaller obstacle, then the police will catch up to you, which means you are very close to danger, so you have to be more careful at this time because if there is another small collision like this, then you may be caught by the police. So the gameplay of this game is very classic and relatively easy.


In addition, the theme of this game is relatively novel, unlike many other parkour games, which are related to life and death, and are full of oppression. But this game is relaxing, and the colors it chooses are also very bright, such as the train shape in the game. And the scenery along the way are all drawn with bright colors. When the player enters the game, they will be firmly attracted by these colors. This bright color weakens the parkour game itself. Even if the player accidentally bumps into the wall, he will not be very afraid. Not only that, the sound effects of the game are also very happy. During parkour, players can keep running while listening to this cheerful music, and become more immersed in the game.


Also, the reward mechanism in this game is also very classic. For example, there are a lot of gold coins scattered on the track in the game. Players can make full use of the parkour gap to collect these gold coins. Of course, these gold coins are not It is not useless. Players can use these gold coins to exchange some props and characters in the app store, and even players can pick up some props in the game, such as attracting gold, jet rucksack, etc., players can run while running. Picking up these props and experiencing other reward mechanisms in the process is very interesting and very motivating.

Pros And Cons


1 The reward mechanism of the game is very perfect, so that players can continue to play.

2 The colors of the game are brighter, not as oppressive as other parkour games



1 The tasks of the game are relatively monotonous.

2 The music background in the game is quite noisy.


In general, the fineness of the game's pictures is still very high, such as the scenery on both sides of the track, the train on the track, and the fence next to the track, etc. The bright and eye-catching scenes let players feel the happy atmosphere as a whole. The action of the characters in this game is also very natural and smooth, and there are few stutters. It is relatively easy to play, and a lot of game content has been added to the mission mode, especially some game props, etc., which enrich the player's game experience. So this game is a very good parkour game. If you like parkour games, you must not miss it.

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emmanuel emejuru

2023-05-08 03:43:42

Matthew Brown

2023-05-25 23:41:42
If you do thanks!!!

Emi Loe

2023-06-17 07:08:44
I love playing the game because it is all about strategy and skill. And it is so fun and exciting to play when your bored. I would definitely recommend playing it‼️💖👍💋