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reebee: Flyers & Shopping List

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  • Category: Shopping
  • Updated: Feb 28, 2024
  • Size: 101 MB
  • Requirements: 7.0 and up
  • Developers: Flipp Operations Inc.

The Description of reebee: Flyers & Shopping List

reebee: Flyers & Shopping List is an application that combines shopping list and flyers. With its simple and intuitive user interface and powerful functions, this software provides users with great convenience in daily life and business activities.


First of all, reebee's user interface design is excellent. The software uses intuitive ICONS and buttons to make it easy for users to get started. Whether it's creating a shopping list or making a flyer, the steps are simple and do not require complicated operations. This simple design style makes reebee a software suitable for users of all ages. Additionally, reebee also has synchronization capabilities to support multi-platform use. Users can access and edit their own shopping lists and flyers at any time on different devices. This feature makes reebee perform very well in user management, greatly improving user productivity.


However, reebee has some drawbacks. Although the software provides a wealth of templates and themes, for some advanced users, more customization options may be required. In addition, for some users in specific industries, it may be necessary to further refine the professional features of the software.


To sum up, reebee: Flyers & Shopping List is a very useful software application. Its simple and intuitive user interface, powerful functions and multi-platform synchronization feature make it in daily life and business activities for users to bring great convenience. Although there are some shortcomings, it is believed that as the software continues to be updated and improved, reebee will become the preferred tool for more and more users.


App Store Performance

On the App Store, reebee has maintained a high rating, about 4.5/5.0. Users rated the quality, practicality and convenience of the flyers and shopping lists they provided highly. This reflects reebee's good reputation among users and the excellent performance of the user experience.


1. reebee provides users with the ability to browse the latest flyers and promotions. Users can view the latest offers from major retailers, which allows them to save time and money while shopping.

2. reebee allows users to create a personal shopping list of what they need to buy. Users can add or remove items as needed and easily track and manage lists as they shop.

3. reebee provides powerful search function, users can search by product name, brand or store. This enables users to quickly find items they are interested in and compare prices and offers from different stores.

4. reebee provides personalized recommendations based on the user's shopping preferences and history. It will show users relevant promotions and offers based on their interests, enabling users to better understand the latest developments in the market.

Pros And Cons


1. reebee aggregates flyers and promotions from major retailers, allowing users to access all relevant information in one app. This way, users don't need to browse multiple websites or view multiple flyers to get the latest offers.

2. reebee's user interface design is simple and intuitive, easy to use. Users can easily browse flyers, add items to shopping lists, and complete shopping needs with simple operations.



Although reebee is committed to providing the latest flyers and promotions, due to the time it may take for information to be updated, users may miss out on some of the latest offers in some cases.


In summary, reebee is a powerful and user-friendly app for flyers and shopping lists. It provides the latest flyers and promotional information to make it easy for users to find deals and save money. Shopping list functionality and intelligent search enable users to better manage their shopping needs and find what they need. Despite some drawbacks, such as regional restrictions and AD distractions, reebee performs well in terms of user reviews and App Store ratings, making it a recommendable piece of software.

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