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Among Us

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  • Category: Action
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2022
  • Size: 536.9 MB
  • Requirements: Android 6.0 and up
  • Developers: Innersloth LLC

The Description of Among Us

Developed and published by Innersloth LLC, Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game that supports 4 to 15 unfamiliar players who are randomly matched or teamed up with friends to play together, meanwhile giving players different identities of either crew members or impostors in a spaceship.

As a crewmate, you must complete a number of random missions in order to prepare your spaceship for a smooth departure. While the crew completes their tasks on the ship, the player chosen as the mole have to pretend to be completing the same kind of mission as the crew to hide their real identity, and meanwhile trying to sabotage the ship to prevent the crew from completing the mission and kill them all silently to win. The crewmate who are eager to win the victory, on the other hand, must either repair the damage the impostor has done to the ship and fulfill all their missions while finding suspicious players and making sure they don’t get killed by them, or finally work together to vote the mole out of the game.

As you can see, the rules and the gameplay are pretty straightforward and easy to master. However, it still requires players’ superb deception and reasoning skills to win, as once a suspicious companion or crew member’s body is found, the discoverer has the right to immediately convene an emergency meeting, in which all players will try their best to clear themselves of suspicions and brainstorm to figure out who are the impostors on the field.

App Store Performance

On Google Play, Among Us has so far received a rating of 3.7 stars together with 13.3M reviews. The app has been downloaded more than 500M times. On App Store, Among Us! receives a score of 4.1 stars out of 5. There are altogether 714.7K ratings.


1. Among Us’s setting and content all unfold in a spaceship, leaving players with a strong sci-fi atmosphere and feeling.

2. The cartoonish game style and exquisite elements, as well as the clear system command prompt in the upper left corner when completing a mission, can all enable you to have an immersive experience like completing a mission in the real spaceship.

3. Players are allowed to chat and reason with unfamiliar players from all over the world while having an emergency meeting in Among Us, which adds a full social and fun aspect to the game.

Pros And Cons


1. Among Us features a variety of gameplay scenarios, including a spaceship, above-earth base, planetary base and airship, giving players a rich and immersive space experience.

2. No matter which side you’re on, the game’s RvR gameplay and the hidden mole setting to kill at any time makes the game suspenseful and exciting all the time.

3. Among Us also enables players to customize the rules of the game in the game hall, such as changing the number of moles and the crew’s missions, giving the player full control of the game.

4. Players who use different devices such as smartphones and Switch are supported to play together across different platforms.



Some bugs often appear recently, such as the player’s own character not showing up or showing too many, along with flashbacks and crashes.


In terms of the practical experience, Among Us has its commendable aspects as well as its deficiencies that need to be improved. As a multi-player strategy and reasoning game, Among Us provides us with a novel setting of being in a spaceship, a mind-twisting but exciting gameplay in which the crew and the mole are pitted against each other, as well as a number of highly playable characters with skills such as engineers and scientists. However, in meetings where strange players are focused on reasoning, there is no effective way to ensure that randomly matched players won’t curse or make inappropriate comments, resulting in a terrible experience for the player.

Ratings and Reviews

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2023-01-02 01:09:10
i really like amongus


2023-01-02 01:12:39
i like among us becasue i like the inposter bye

Ai'Laiyah Walker-Cole

2023-02-04 01:06:12
I love playing among us because it’s interesting 🥳❤️‍🔥🏳️‍🌈🫶🏾


2023-03-30 10:12:49
the best game ever made


2023-05-07 23:31:38
I Like Among Us Too Cuz I Liked The Crewmate And Don't Forget This I am God


2023-05-10 09:32:02
i love among us because the imps are really sneaky!!!!!!!!!!10\10

this game good

2023-05-18 02:11:40
i love this game it is so good it is the best game on Earth


2023-05-18 05:59:18
Among us is the best game ever I love it sooooo much!


2023-05-20 22:02:25
Among us is better than imposter all you do is just Practice being in the Game the map even isn’t right, so bye-bye imposter say hello to among us. Yes, sir slay queen.


2023-05-30 07:46:24
It is a fun and enjoyable and it is fun to play with friends I just love among us


2023-06-03 23:25:26


2023-06-05 06:09:25
I really like among us because it is so scarie


2023-06-10 02:12:31
this game needs help nobody like the chat and we miss the old one if u want more ppl then change it!