Google Chat

Google Chat is a secure and intelligent communication application developed by Google LLC for teams. Google first launched Google Chat as part of Gmail, then added voice and video chat in 2008, and they launched Google Voice in 2009, which became available to all users this June.

Google Chat is not only an application for enterprise users, it can create group chats, share files and tasks with the team, etc., and can also make video calls, and the application can be combined with Google Workspace functions to access documents and sheets stored in Google Cloud Disk, slideshow.


What’s more, Google has announced that it will make Google Chat the default chat app, which means that when users try to access Hangouts in Gmail on the web, or try to use the old Hangouts mobile app, they will be redirected to Google Chat. Additionally, Google has also announced that its chat software will benefit from an expanded version of its Smart Reply feature, which now supports several other languages like Spanish, French and Portuguese options. And when the user types a reply in the necessary language, Smart Reply will automatically detect the language and provide the reply accordingly.


On the whole, this is the best replacement for what was one of the most simple group chat apps.

The app also allows users to automatically create new tasks from individual or group messages in Google Chat. When you hover over a message in the Google chat window, a new “Add to Task” option will appear, along with the current ability to add a reactive emoji or forward the message to your inbox.


TikTok, a super classic and one of the very popular social media apps developed by TikTok Pte. Ltd.

Here, users can shoot and make videos by themselves, and then share them on the platform. Everyone can like, favorite, forward, and interact with private messages. In TikTok, you can see a lot of international friends, whether it is life, knowledge or food. It is a rare short video application.


The social advantage of TikTok is short videos. When users enter, they already know the target group. When obtaining topics, they can directly find relevant topics for guidance. Especially in just 2 minutes, on the one hand, the content is based on the original social tendency, by creating topicality and novel gameplay, on the other hand, the video quality is developing in a refined direction.


Last but not least, as a relatively new short video app, TikTok is in the development stage compared to other existing social media overseas. TikTok promotes users to share their lives and build healthy community exchanges, including promotional videos such as water conservation and motherhood.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is an application developed by WhatsApp LLC for communication between smartphones and supports iPhone and Android phones. The app uses a push notification service to instantly receive messages from friends, family and colleagues. Switch from texting to using the WhatsApp app for free to send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and video messages.


Next, this is the largest online messaging app out there. In addition to Android users, the app is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Windows devices. And there is no need to pay any international fees during the use of the app, as long as your friends also install the app, you can chat with people all over the world.


As a cross-platform mobile messaging app, WhatsApp Messenger allows users to exchange messages without having to pay for text messages separately. Moreover, in addition to basic messaging, iPhone, Android and WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other an unlimited amount of image, audio and video media messages.


More importantly, it is precisely because of such an international mobile communication application that its functions are very powerful and its compatibility is very high. You can quickly open this application on any mobile phone and see the communication functions here, and use them quickly.


The McDonald’s app is provided by McDonald’s Apps and was first launched in 2018. The app allows users to enjoy various services and perks on the go. This app integrates the basic and core functions of its store services, as well as promotional contents and exclusive app-user perks.  Users can obtain this app for free on both App Store and Google Play although the app does contain ads and pop-ups. As for its functionalities, first, it includes the core services such as viewing menus, store finders, online orderings and delivery etc. with the app, users can easily check the McDonald’s menue and new products as well as the detailed food nutrients information. The app can also automatically locate user’s real-time location and suggest near-by restaurants accordingly. Besides, users currently in 59 countries in the world can obtain the app to enjoy their McDonald’s service on the go. Apart from those basic features, this app also offers some exclusive in-app perks for users. For example, there are exclusive app discounts on some of the star products and users can claim and redeem in-app promotional codes and coupons easily at the cashier with their mobile phones. Furthermore, users can have a premier overview of some new information and plan their next McDonald’s visit ahead of time. The app shows users the new openings or upcoming restaurants. It also gives previews on the monthly limited special gifts and toy for Happy Meals.  


Offered by Google LLC, YouTube is a platform for users around the world to watch, share, upload and create videos, which is also the world’s largest video-sharing application. With 2.6 billion monthly active users, it’s obvious that YouTube’s user base is huge and large. As a platform that is open to the world, YouTube has video content in not only English, but also Portuguese, Spanish, French and other languages from around the world. The high level of expertise and depth of video content streamed on YouTube has made it the second-largest search engine in the world.

As the most engaging online video destination, YouTube has a wide variety of videos, allowing users to explore and discover a diversity of information every moment they use it. Whether you want to learn, watch the news, follow fashion trends or watch the most popular music videos, YouTube can always satisfy all your needs.

More importantly, YouTube enables users to subscribe to or follow their favorite vloggers, channels or even other users so that users can be notified first when there are newly-uploaded videos. Besides, there is no need to worry that you might be watching videos out of order. YouTube also has a library section where all the videos you’ve watched, liked, or saved are included into these categories automatically, leaving you with a smooth, systematic video viewing experience. It’s also available for users to add their favorite videos into playlists they made so as to have a more organized watching experience.

More than just watching, there is no better place than YouTube that provides a great platform for creative users with fresh ideas to build their own channels and showcase their personal world of innovative ideas to the whole world by uploading videos on it.


Offered by Shopee, Shopee is a cross-border e-commerce platform designed to provide customers in Southeast Asia with an easy, secure and fast shopping experience, with a diverse range of product categories, from clothing, food and home appliances to digital products, hygiene products and accessories.

Shopee was originally launched in Singapore in 2015 as an online marketplace to support consumer-to-consumer transactions. Since then, it has expanded its business scope to include Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and other countries throughout Southeast Asia, and has successfully transitioned to a hybrid transaction model that caters to both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer transactions.

As the largest shopping platform in Southeast Asia, Shopee enables its customers to easily purchase authentic commodities in Southeast Asia at the most favorable price without leaving home, realizing their dream of shopping anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, Shopee guarantees the security and convenience of every transaction that each customer makes on its platform, where all sellers will go through layers of reviews before appearing in front of customers. Customers are also supported to check the score of the store and other buyers’ comments on the products as well as the latest logistics status of the goods after placing orders in real-time, leaving its customers with the most trustworthy shopping experience. It is completely unnecessary for cross-border customers to worry about the time and effort spent on the checkout process. Shopee offers a variety of reliable payment methods and has a world-class security system to ensure the safety of each of your transactions.

Google Maps

With Google Maps, the powerful navigation application, you will find it easier and faster for you to go to any place you want. Featuring an immense database containing statistics of more than 220 countries and regions, the map marks hundreds of millions of places. Users can take advantage of advanced real-time GPS navigation to search for the most efficient way and methods to arrive at certain places. What’s more, the transportation traffic and transit information are also displayed in a real-time manner. The map can assist you in all kinds of activities, no matter you want to find the nearest grocery stores or pharmacies, or simply want to find a restaurant with a good reputation among customers to dine with your family and friends.


Telegram is an instant messaging application with powerful and fast functions. It can sync all the data across your personal digital devices only if you have an account. It is one of the top apps with the most installments all over the world--with more than 500 million users actively involved in all kinds of communications. Being one of the fastest instant messaging apps worldwide, Telegram connects people by offering them a distributed network of data. Once users have their own accounts, they can sync all the messages across their personal devices so that it would be easier for them to look up critical information when they are in need. Even messages without being sent out can be continued to type on another device without bothering users to type again. Therefore, you can always rest assured that your data can be saved all the time. Media and files of any type or size can be sent successfully to others without restrictions. And your chat history can be saved requiring no disk space on your phones and computers. All information will be safely stored on the Telegram cloud and you can use it whenever you want.