Roblox is the world’s largest multiplayer online creation game, which is developed by Roblox Corporation. The game content includes virtual worlds, casual games and player-created content. In other words, players can not only enter Roblox to directly choose released games to experience, but also develop various types of games by themselves to play with friends.


Next, there are many types of popular games on Roblox. In addition to the well-known shooting games, role-playing games, racing games, and even large-scale Pokémon games, there is also a virtual world where players can live freely according to the rules set by the game. However, Roblox has gradually evolved into a platform that truly works for everyone, with a constant swipe of inappropriate games and activities. Roblox can even be said to be a learning tool, not just a game.

In addition to its wide variety of games, Roblox itself can be a powerful tool and teaching aid for students around the world. There are many teachers who use Roblox to create fun games or online learning courses.


On the whole, as a game that is compatible with virtual worlds, casual games and self-built content, the popularity of Roblox is obvious to all. Of course, its outstanding social attributes are also the biggest highlight of this game. Roblox actively promotes such games, which helps attract more players to spend time on the platform and helps build platform-based social relationships.

June's Journey: Hidden Objects

Set out on an amazing journey and find all the hidden objects while enjoying the luxurious decoration of different scenes. June’s Journey is a puzzle game that requires players to find out the assigned objects in each scene and gradually unveil the mystery of the game as a detective. To master the game, you have to be sharp-eyed enough to not let every object escape from your search. The romantic vibe of the game will immerse you in a rather relaxing atmosphere and there are time limits set for you to challenge. Well-designed graphics along with good-looking characters will company you throughout the gameplay. Dive into the captivating quest and try your best to reveal the scandalous family secret. You will come across a variety of scenes in different rooms and locations featuring exotic and glamorous elements. Search for useful clues with your keen eyes and you will never get tired of the game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Are you yet immersed in the excitement of receiving the offer from Hogwarts? Now you need to get ready to embark on a new adventure being a student in this magic school and aim to be a witch or wizard. You can decide which type of characters you would like to be by putting on the sorting hat. In Hogwarts, you have a bunch of choices to explore, be it mastering the spells or brewing potions. You will be able to unveil the mystery of Hogwarts and make new friends there. Of course, rivals will be there waiting for you as well. Forging alliances with your buddies and fighting against evil with what you have picked up in school and playing the role of the major protagonist in the game called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. You will experience how it feels to be one of the Hogwarts students and witness the power of magic and spells. Explore the Wizarding world and make your own amazing story. 

Genshin Impact

Dive into the amazing world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact and embark on a challenging journey where you will fight against all devils and monsters with your allies. The world of Teyvat is filled with elemental energy and your goal is to fight out your way to finally find your losing sibling. You two were separated by a god and your powers were stripped by it. You wake up in an unknown land after a deep slumber. Now you have to take on a dangerous journey yet teeming with thrilling challenges. To solve the puzzle, as the protagonist of the role-play and adventure game, you have to start a journey and seek The Seven for answers. They are the gods of the seven elements. Get ready to be surprised by things hidden in this wondrous world and team up with interesting and friendly characters until you successfully unravel the mysteries. The game contains in-app purchases yet has no ads. So players can rest assured that they will not be bothered by pop-ups during the gameplay process.

Pokémon GO

Engage in the fierce online battles in Pokémon GO and form leagues with your Pokémon as well as other trainers around the world. As the pioneer in combining the real world with the virtual game world, Pokémon GO successfully found a way to reform the gameplay mechanics and encouraged more players to walk out of their homes to do outdoor activities. Boasting over one billion times of installments, the game has been honored with numerous awards, together with the Editors’ Choice on Google Play. The game allows players to explore the Pokémon GO world in real life anytime and anywhere. Collect different Pokémon and raise them to get ready for another battle. More rewards are waiting for you to reap along the way. You can team up with other trainers and get involved in raid battles in which powerful Pokémon are waiting for you to challenge. You will have a great time enjoying the amazing adventure in the virtual world while exploring every corner of the real world.